NFP Accouting

All the information we show on our website and we share with our members is based on the database accounting and registration records. Once you are registered, we'll grant access to you for the detailed fundraising accounting view, income/expenses reports and download area, as well as quick check-in functions.

Balance from 01/2018 to 12/2021
Income $7501 - Expenses $7610.05 = Balance -$109.05 Balance
  • $7501 Income
  • $7610.05 Expenses
  • $-109.05 Balance
  • +6 Students/Class Average
  • 713 Covid Bookings
  • 51 Total Students
  • 200 Classes Finished
Base on our data, the monthly cost estimation for the Year 2021 is about $340/month. That means that each active member right now should contribute with $17/month while the actual Monthly FREE is $10/month. Worst scenario would be a monthly fee of $42.5/month as the monthly payments may change depending on number of active members. For that budget the members are getting 12 classes/month of health, exercise, happiness, culture and musical stuff.