Grupo Capoeiras Inc is registered as a safe covid-19 business

Please contribute to a safe re-open

In response to the recent Government announcement regarding the easing of several COVID19 restrictions, community centres and halls are now being transitioned to re-open adhering to all Government directives regarding Covid19 restrictions. Develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan help us to create and maintain a safe environment for our staff, members and visitors. Here you'll find updated information about how to stay safe while enjoying the classes with us:

Warnervale Hall (our venue) has a room size of 150 m2 therefor a maximum capacity of 37 people (max.20 participants/class per indoor group activities actual restrictions) and remember, current ratio of 1 person / 4m2 restrictions apply (including staff members).

But other restrictions applied to participate in our classes:

- Please consider bringing a fitness mat (Kmart sell them from $7.5).
- Stay at home if you feel unwell.
- Avoid deliberate body contact and gathering inside/outside the premises.
- Hand sanitiser will be available for members and visitors.
- We'll have additional time for cleaning after the class and leave the facility before the next group arrives.
- We'll use of a Sign-In Register (kept for 28 days as required by Health NSW regulations).
- We'll have accessible detergent/disinfectant and gloves for visitors to use, should they wish.
- Social distancing practices 1 person / 4m2 area.
- Please shower/change at home.
- Be courteous to any user group on-site, and always to respect social distancing.
- We'll follow the regulations of the Covid-19 Safety Plan offered by the Central Coast Council.
- Permalink to updated information about how are we dealing with the restrictions regarding the Coronavirus: Covid-19 Safety Plan